The next generation of iPhones, say iPhone 8 or the next iteration in 2018, may feature a 3D laser. Yes, you read it right and the laser would be used for AR & Autofocus. Though we already know how good the current generation of iPhone camera is in depth sensing, the 3D Laser assisted camera would take smartphone photography to a different level.

Speaking of AR, the announcement of ARKit from Apple in June doesn’t come as a surprise after getting to know about the 3D laser. This 3D laser would aid the front camera to take selfies with background depth. And the rear camera could make use of the laser to give an experience of AR, which we never had before.

iPhone AR

We still don’t have proper hardware or tech for that matter to experience AR as an everyday consumer. But if this is what Apple can bring along with their next iteration of iPhone then definitely it would be a game changer. We are not expecting this to make the phones any cheaper but we would any day give marks to experience over price.


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