New Gaming Console From Atari Is On Its Way

Teaser out for the new console Ataribox


It is finally confirmed that Atari is coming up with a new gaming console. Atari last released a console back in 1993, the Atari Jaguar. This was confirmed by Atari CEO Fred Chesnais at E3 last week to GamesBeat. Although a trailer was released couple of weeks ago, everyone assumed it to be rendered. But now as it is official from the CEO himself, the Ataribox teaser seems relevant.

Atari console

The video gives us a glimpse of the new console. It comes with wooden sliders which gives it a retro feel. There are reports that the console will be based on technology used in PCs. This means a lot for the console as it could run emulators for older games.

As for now, there are no confirmed release dates. We can just hope it does compete with the likes of Nintendo. Share your thoughts on the teaser of the new console below in comments section.



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